ACCURACY AND INTEGRITY As a company we do not never give up our own values. • Open and honest communication • behave in ethical rules • fulfill our promises

profitable growth in order to fulfill our responsibilities to our shareholders Company; • providing efficient operation and continuous improvement of productivity • providing new products and services • Continuous new opportunities and market research

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION Our employees are the most important factor to our success is our strength. developer for our employees, in order to provide an educational work environment; • Maintain workplace safety first • Teamwork and ensure continuous development environment • Opportunities, providing education to contribute to the reward and the company's growth

UNITED CITIZENS in order to be conscious of the environment and society; • support the industry initiative • supporting activities in applicable environmental standards at a high level • Provide reliable and secure employment.


Quality, environmentally friendly, the competition is to produce aluminum products to customers with the highest level of need in accordance with the company on behalf of shareholders and thrive.
Customer and employee satisfaction first in the world to help the development of a company and is being followed closely
Our company; Taking all activities in customer demand and satisfaction to the fore in all the accepted values and standards in the world, it offers products and services.                                     Not protect Brothers Aluminium Industry Co .; To ensure customer satisfaction with quality products and employees should be aware that as a whole,                                     Continuous manner with the working age are in proper training and improvement activities.